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About Us

The Two Blondes

We are decorative mural artists Tamara and Deanna (sisters) who have found a way to bring our hand painted artwork and gift of design to everyone to enjoy through our website.

We grew up in a home where we were always doing crafty type things, such as sewing, leather work, needlework, crocheting, knitting, plaster…and the list goes on and on. We thought it was normal to be doing all those things so we were surprised to find out that we were the “weird ones”. People often ask how do you think of that stuff, which we reply, “we do not know, it just keeps coming.”  One of us will say something and it takes off from there. Our mother took some oil painting classes in a retirement park in Florida about 30 years ago, came home and showed us what she learned. After the second year her teacher asked her to take over her business and told her everything she needed to know. Deanna and Tammy continued painting on everything in sight until one day it lead to someone’s walls. We knew how to do things 8” but not an 8’ tree! Somehow it always worked out with amazing results. Over the years we have learned so much and have met so many wonderful people. We are now ready to move our lives into another direction and share all of our overactive brains with everyone. We would love to help others who are not sure, just have one part figured out so far, or bring everything to fruition with them! We are there for you every step of the way! We were born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where Deanna still resides, or as she calls it, “Green Acres.” with her husband and children. Tammy has returned to her roots in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.